Artisanal Granola made by hand in the heart of Sonoma Valley

From my home to yours

Delicious small batch granola made by the Valley Girl herself, Samantha, in her Sonoma kitchen. 

It all started one afternoon when my husband made a batch of granola. It was so good, but I wanted to tweak it to make it my own and healthier so I could it enjoy it more often (which I do with any recipe) Many batches later, I created my first flavor "honey cranberry". I started making it for friends, family and for my kids' field trips. Each time I would make a batch, people would tell me how I should be selling it or that they wanted the recipe, but I was so busy with work and kids, I couldn't think beyond the day-to-day "mom life". 

It all came to be in 2020 when, like everyone else, I was home, a lot. I did what everyone else was doing; going stir crazy and making sourdough from a starter that I eventually killed (like all my house plants, but that's another story). I went back to what I do well: granola. Through the power of social media, I went from just selling to family and friends to selling to people I didn't even know (which is still exciting btw) My baking hobby became my small business and I hope to keep expanding and making people happy with my granola :)

I am always trying new varieties and flavors. Right now, I have 4 that I consistently sell: 

Honey Cranberry 

Maple Papaya

Maple Cranberry

Apple Cinnamon

*New Flavor!...

German Chocolate Cake

All of these are dairy free and can be made gluten free 

Stop by and and see me at the Sonoma Tuesday Night Farmer's Market! My granola is also at both Fruit Baskets in Sonoma and at 'Darling' ice cream shop in the Sonoma Marketplace center.

Check out my instagram and facebook to order or simply email me :)

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Come visit me at the Tuesday Night Farmer's Market at the Sonoma Plaza!